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The Top 10 Bars and Clubs in Hamburg

Between punk and electro: The Golden Poodle Club (leider geschlossen)

One of Hamburg's well known legends is the Golden Poodle Club at St. Pauli Fischmarkt. Established in the early 90-ies with the punk band "The Golden Lemons", still today the owner inspires with classic underground atmosphere and live music in the fields of electro and rock.

Party in the recording studio: Hafenklang

Fabulous events hosted by top DJs and live bands at the Hafenklang studio. This old studio at the fish market was transformed during the 90-ies into a club and still today plays groovy beats. Enjoy during midweek various rock and pop concerts.

Institution on the Reeperbahn: Rosi's Bar

Rosi's Bar is one of the legends on the Reeperbahn: it is packed and offers a great atmosphere. Enjoy dancing to funk, ska, dancehall, soul and sixties rock. The traditional neighborhood club is ideal for those who wish to live old Reeperbahn flair first hand.

Tradition pur: the Baalsaal

A must for techno and house lovers is the Baalsaal on the Reeperbahn. Internationally known DJs, but also newcomers will get the people on the dance floor. The sound system is among the best in the city and will be at its best from 1am.

Techno in the bunker: Uebel & Gefährlich

Almost martial, the club Uebel & Gefährlich raises behind the massive walls of the bunker at the Heiligengeistfeld. The outstanding excellent music selection from techno, hip-hop and rock ensure a fantastic underground atmosphere, which you can hardly find nowadays anywhere else.

Lounge flair in a fishbowl

The fishbowl is a good location to start the evening. Enjoy the prime location “Schanze” and dance the night away on Friday and Saturday from 11pm following soul, funk and hip-hop beats.

Live music: The Astra-Stube

If you would like to dance on your weekend trip to Hamburg in a club with live music, then go to the Astra-Stube. This fantastic club used to be a traditional beer hall, now you can still enjoy the Hanseatic traditional 0,33l beer bottles in your hand and go with the indie, pop and punk rhythm. You will find the club directly on the Sternschanze.

Dancing in the Bar 13th Stock

If you are in Altona North, looking to enjoy your draft beer, enjoy music and want to dance, then this bar is the right place. The chic lighting in 70ies style, elegant flooring and a well-stocked bar compliment the electronic disco music.

Going out in port district: Die Deichdiele

In the former industrial and port district Wilhelmsburg some of the hippest places have emerged in Hamburg nightlife scene, such as clubs and bars like the Deichdiele  This club charms especially with its living room flair and iconic retro furniture. The drinks are inexpensive and the club is suitable for smokers.

Cultural Honigfabrik: partying on the Elbe island

The honey factory is one of the most important clubs on the Elbe island Wilhelmsburg: During day time the cultural center offers flea markets, exhibitions and theater performances, but at night this area is transformed into a dance temple will funk and jazz, trash, pop, rock and punk music. Among the highlights are the live concerts.

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