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Ladies Executive Floor

When it comes to hotel and overnight accommodation, women often have different needs than men. We know this and have done something about this.

At the relexa hotel Munich we say: "Ladies First“.

Ladies Floor

What Women Want? In the romantic comedy schmuck Mel Gibson needed a painful electric shock to read female thoughts. Hotel managers can have this information easier. How female business travelers are charmed and what they really want is nowadays better understood and implemented.
It is striking how different expectations between man and woman are with regards to service and facilities.

We ask, for example: "Why is there a hair dryer in many hotel bathrooms installed, sufficient just for a normal man’s haircut, but fails to dry woman's long curly hair and at it worst, still gives the impression that it was from the last century?
Why think bathroom designers not about that women do not want to wash their styled hair every day, when proudly installing the ceiling rainwater shower? And why must a women regularly ask herself how it is possible to squeeze her business suit on the trouser hanger? "

In fact, the typical standard hotel room in this country is still "male" orientated, with beer and peanuts in the mini bar, pay-TV and powerful shower facilities.

We looked at the needs of female business travelers and adapted our rooms. The survey “unison” found that women especially want security, comfort and healthy food.

What does this mean for us?

Security: valet parking, bright hotel hallways, rooms near the lift, spy hole, female room service staff
Comfort: warm colors in the hotel rooms, more pillows, possibly an additional (recognizable cleaned) woolly blanket, pleasant room temperature (at freezing temperatures pre-heated), fresh scent in the room, pleasant lighting for different needs, fresh flowers, music to relax, read and work, fashion magazines, yoga mat, cozy sitting area.

All rooms are non smoking rooms.

Our Ladies Ececutive rooms offer:

  • big bed
  • LCD flat screen TV
  • bath robe and slippers on request
  • Puro wellness products on request
  • iron and iron board on request
  • extra pillow
  • Yoga mat on request
  • air condition
  • safe
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