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Welcome in Munich.

During your holiday or short city break in our relexa hotel in the lively St. Paul's district you can discover and enjoy the variety of all facets of the Bavarian capital.

Munich was first documented in 1158, being more than 850 years old, it is booming like never before.

The state capital once stood hundreds of years in the shadow of the free cities of Regensburg and Augsburg. In order to present such a magnificent city of Munich, the Wittelsbach princes made all effort and spared no cost to construct imposing buildings. The urge to architectural reproduction was great and the facade sometimes more important than their function. King Ludwig I was particularly eager in doing this. From his time comes Munich's reputation as the "city of art and culture".

Later, several more reputations were created such as "the beer city", "capital of the movement" or "secret capital" - but in any case "world city with heart".