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Pharmakodex - code of practice for the pharmaceutical industry

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Pharmakodex - code compliant

The Pharmakodex is a voluntary self monitoring association for supervision of pharmaceutical manufacturers and associations of the pharmaceutical medical industry and is solely responsible for inspecting and assessing. The basic idea is that doctors must not be influenced in an unfair manner in their treatment regulations and procurement decisions.

Violations of the general behaviour recommendations and professional codes might be sanctioned under the applicable law, if necessary.

Over the years collected data and behaviour are strengthen the codes of conduct, so that legitimate forms of cooperation are not influenced by the misconduct of individual physicians, pharmacists, other professional members or businesses.

We will assist you in planning your meeting

Each hotel, which cooperates with the Pharmakodex, must be able to demonstrate experience in organising meeting and events of various sizes and topics.
Our partner Worksytle Munich has great experience in this field and has specialised in assisting companies with the organising of meeting and events.

Please find below our summary for you to ensure your meeting and event is complient with the code.

The importance of the Pharmakodex

The healthcare professionals must not be influenced in an unfair way carrying out their therapy, prescription and procurement decisions. It is therefore prohibited to offer them or a third party an unfair advantage. Training events may not necessarily include the medicinal products by the company or may not be influenced by such nor from other companies. Addressing issues that deal directly with the pharmaceutical division of the company may be adequate. In this context, economic and social issues can be addressed, if at least one indirect reference is made to the pharmaceutical division of the company and the time share is below 50%. If it does turn out to be a training event for a medical information session free of charge, for which participants would have had to pay on the open market, the code would be violated.

Accompanying person

The FSA Code, "the cooperation on the criminal assessment between industry, medical institutions and their employees" and the MBO-Ä (German Medical Association) prohibit the (co) organisation and payment of costs, as well as the possibility of entrainment of any other accompanying person. However, it can not be forbidden the participants of the scientific programmes to take another person along, in this case the participant takes full responsibility as a private matter. The announcement of an accompanying person is not permitted, ie during registration in the invitation documents with for instance "Yes, I am taking part with ..... person", and who does not refer exclusively and explicitly to healthcare professionals. Any private nature of the training event is prohibited. This includes the invitation, co-organisation and payment for accompanying persons as well as hotel costs, double room, breakfast, catering (food and drinks), travel costs and any kind of social entertainment programmes.

Meeting and event package

The hosting of participants is also subject to the provisions of the FSA Code § 20 with "common point of view". For internal training the guideline applies in principle per participant €60.00 incl. VAT, drinks and meals. The amount of the conference rate must be based on the €60.00 also. So therefore please note that a conference package may not exceed a total of €60.00 to €70.00 in any case. Not allowed are events where there is a clear connection between scientific programme and entertainment expenses. For one hour lecture or guest speaker the catering expenses of €60.00 is not appropriate. In any case then the costs of technique, room hire and coffee breaks must be included.


When booking a hotel for the event (and / or for the accommodation of participants), you must ensure that it is a conference and business hotel and that the price includes breakfast and VAT, which seems to be appropriate for the planned event. The basis for assessment and evaluation of a hotel is stated in FSA code of compliance § 20 paragraph 3 or § 19 of the AKG code.

The accommodation does not exceeds an appropriate framework if:

     the hotel does offer in its infrastructure, technology and facilities the criteria of a business and conference hotel
     as well as has no exceptional spa areas or offers and has no higher status adventure or recreational character.

Following points are relevant for the kodex code:

  •      clear focus of the hotel on the business character
  •      good accessibility for participants and speakers
  •      suitable and certified meeting rooms
  •      sufficient capacity regarding rooms and meeting rooms
  •      time frame of the event
  •      presentation of the location in the Internet
  •      presentation of the location to the public
  •      qualifications or reputation of participants

According to § 20 paragraph 3 businesses should avoid meeting venues that "are known for their entertainment value", such as venues which are known for their events like variety shows, music and cinema performances as well as games of any chance or entertainment. For this reason, conference venues are not eligible on the site of an amusement park and offer the possibilities for such, even if they are classed as suitable conference hotel with facilities. Also venues should be avoided with the term "extravagant". Under "extravagant" conference venues are to understand hotels which in particularly offer luxurious service and facilities as a standard and the conference area is not a primarily function.  Extravagant conference venues are also those which are indeed suitable for meetings, but where there is a slight impression, the meeting is organised of the experience value and not on objective topics. In each case, however, the individual assessment is crucial for booking a conference venue or hotel.

Framework programme

In any case, the payment of any culture, sport and leisure activity is not allowed, at any time. Training sessions are not to be planned so that social programmes are offered during, at the beginning or at the end of a meeting. However free hotel facilities can be used. Programmes are allowed if the offer, the organisation and the services are totally covered by the participants and are not part of the training time.

Overnight stay

Accommodation may only be accepted if they are necessary and appropriate. The need is dependent on the duration of the event and the need for the participants, if they can be expected to travel there and back on the same day. For demanding and professional scientific training events with a duration of at least seven hours the participants can be expected to travel two hours home (the same is valid for the journey in the morning) and therefore a total time of 12 to 13 hours on the day is reasonable. Payment of the accommodation costs would not be appropriate in this case. If the day exceeds 14 hours in total, including travel and training, the accommodation costs can be accepted.

Time and programme

In the timing and programme should be following hours to be noted, in addition to the tax regulations by the tax for working hours:

     full-day event - 8 hours scientific programme including breaks
     half-day event 4 hours scientific program including breaks

With the right planning, you can travel in comfort to your meeting and event:

  • the event starts at 9am, participants from all over Germany, with an approximately travel time of 2 to 2.5 hours, can travel the evening before 
  • the event starts at 10am, arrival on the same day (as an travel time of up to 2 hours before 10am is reasonable)
  • end of the event at 6pm, dinner and another 2 to 3 hours return trip is reasonable. Another overnight stay is in compliance with the code, if the total time required per day is more than 14 hours; However, the scientific proportion of time for an event shall not be less than 70%

Practical examples:

  • it is not allowed to accept any costs for dinner and overnight stay if the arrival is up to 3pm, if the event the next morning starts at 10am
  • dinner and overnight stay are permitted when the event starts at 8.30am, as it is not guaranteed that all participants from Germany arrive on time
  • if the event finishes between 4pm and 5pm payment of overnight stay is not allowed, since the participants are expected to return
  • ends an event Friday night, it is not allowed to pay the cost of the subsequent weekend for the participants