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Munich at night

"Munich shines "

With this short statement Thomas Mann expressed the uniqueness of Munich. Experience the impressive night live in this metropolis.

At dusk, the Koenigsplatz (kings square) is wrapped in majestic lights. The view from the Propylaea on to the Royal Square lets Greece appear very close. The palace of justice makes its name justice: the view from the old botanical garden with the Neptune fountain in the foreground is impressive and the late evening hours at the fountain are just as busy as on the Stachus, the Karls square."

The New Town Hall on Marienplatz shines with its many Gothic ornaments, towers and turrets. The Marien column in the middle of Marienplatz gives its own light and behind stands the simple old town hall. The fish fountain on the eastern side of Marienplatz is a popular meeting place. From here, many people in Munich start their nightly activities through the old town.

The Bavarian state parliament rules in the Maximilianeum. At night, the impressive building is illuminated and visible from far away. With their saffron-yellow colour shines the Theatinerkirche (St. Kajetan) on the Odeon Square. Admire this former religious church from a dark courtyard.

Late at night there are also romantic and dark places: the Hofgarden is only dimly lit, but charmed by its wonderful friendly atmosphere.

The Feldherrenhalle is the starting point of the Ludwigsstrasse. In the middle of the hall (the original is in Florence) is the Bavarian Army monument behind two lions. To the victory gate at the other end of Ludwigsstrasse is exactly one kilometre.

Behind the Munich Cathedral it is busy. Various bars and pubs turn the night into day and in the city's clubs you can dance until the early morning.